Very wise 'Maru' is inside the big Xmas box 2021, waiting for Santa Paws 🎅

Xmas Cat GIF • 'Maru' sitting in a big Xmas box, waiting for Santa cat and gifts
“Maru loves boxes of all sizes and all kinds.”  
“Maru knows how handsome he is by candlelights.”
“What a beautiful little place. Maru seems to admire this when he sat.” 
“I think he is waiting for his Xmas gifts.” 🎁 🎁 🎁
“I love how Maru stops and pauses and gives us time to admire what a handsome Gentleman he is.”
“It's Christmas in the big box, no wonder Maru doesn't wanna to get out.”
“Maru likes the lights dazzling his eyes.”
“Maru treated the Xmas grotto like a giant box.”  
“Maru is so clever, he sits down and enjoys the beautiful decoration.”  💓
[Video: mugumogu @YouTube]