/!\ BREAKING NEWS /!\ Santa cat has two cute babies! 2 lovely mini Santa kitties! 🎅 🎅

Christmas Cat GIF • BREAKING NEWS • Santa Cat has two cute babies 2 lovely mini Santa kitties
“Aww, my sweetness. Those are little 'Eric' babies. Wouldn't that be so cute!”
“They look a lot like you: super cute tiny mini santa’s, how sweet is that. Love you so much, cutie.”
“Congratulations sweetie, they look so much like you, sweetheart ♥”
“Hahahah! Love all of those Santa floofs!”
“OMG, no words! Such cute, adorable mini Erics! Sooooooo sweet and cute.”
“Oh 'Eric', we love your mini me baby Santas, they’re adorable just like you, of course.”
“For a moment I thought they were real, haha.”
“'Eric', I'm sure you would be da best daddy!”
“This is the cutest & the sweetest thing I have ever seen, 'Eric'ְ, you made my Xmas day.”
“How does he let you keep that hat on his head and sit? Mine doesn't even sit for like this for a second.”
“Omg cuties babies everrrr!”
“I can’t handle the cuteness.”
[Video @ eric_and_ollie_]
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