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“'Starbucks' should really sponsor our greedy kitten, haha!” 😂

“'Meredith' got a pup cup before her adoption day. Hmmm...” “She is like a black piglet, haha what a huge mess!” “Funy white mask on black face.” “Poor feral kitty, she was so hungry...” [Video:]

Brave cat struggles hard to walk through deep snow

Poor cat was struggling with thick snow for the first and the...last time >> Once bitten, twice shy! [Video: Tarusa, Russia via]

Zzzz... The whole cat family is sleeping with front paws up :)

“POLICE! Don't move, put your paws up! Where do you hide your Catnip?” [ Video @midorinotanbo]

Amazing Sphynx cat learning to swim in the bathtub!

“Am I doing it right, Mom?” “Waterproof kitty is not bothered by water!”

Cat vomiting hard >> Funny self destruction

Poor cat, It was a slow transcending agony. GAME OVER. “Are you OK Kitty?” “Nope! Photoshop killed me!”