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Cat thief: OWNED! Pizzamaniac 🍕 kitty striked again...

“Loved when he grabbed it and held on so tightly: miiiiine!” “Cats don't think 'She doesn't want me to have it'. They think: 'Oh, grab it quicker'.” “They always act like they're starving. Haven't eaten in days, about to faint, very dramatic.” “A true apex predator!” “Some well earned pizza...I’m so glad this doesn’t only happen to me, haha!” “Too fast (and purrious) for you, hehe!” “My cat would never steal food like that: he's a quiet and good boy ♥” “This is so cute. Ambitious (never give up), cute and funny kitten.” “No more pizza for today! Right meow you're on a diet 😋” “My cat also loves to steal pizzas. He's developed quite an ingenious technique to it. He dives in as quickly as possible, bites down on a piece, whips his head around and flings the pizza as fast and far as possible. I was too impressed to be mad at the little shit.”

Sphynx cat & kitten trying to catch delicious meat cooking in the oven!

“The funniest part is more with the father on the top of stove: acrobat cat.” Cute, funny and innocent kitty: "Please Dad, help me, open that door, I'm hungry!" [ Video @daniellamurnursery]

“I'm a f*cking CAT 😻 LOVER and and and...

...I don't give a flying f*ck what you think about it!” HATERS GONNA HATE 😂

2 crazy shameless budgies riding a cat during his dinner

Bird behavior with cats: funny and always amazing. “They're evolving: now, we have Uber cats for lazy birds.” “Leave me alone little b*tches, I'm not your mother.” [Video: castloversclub]

White cat going nuts after a white american football ball

“Damned! I can't catch it, it's faster than my red dot!” [Video: FunnyCatsworld]