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“Weeeeee...sliding into the weeeeeekend!”

“Training 'Murray' for the Cat winter Olympics?” “Woohoooooo! Now pull that sled, mom” “Let so go sledding! Have fun.” “That's cool trick 😻 Try the same on skateboard next.” “You are such a fun loving guy 'Murray'.” “This amazing guy! Love how much he enjoys the snow.” [ Video @estebancat, Schenectady County, New York] 

'Princess Aurora', pretty fluff Ragdoll cat, enjoying a treat on the porch

“'Aurora' is a so sweet, fluffy and gorgeous Ragdoll girl (and she does the dishes as well, haha)” [ Video @aurorapurr]

Hilarious cat doesn't want to walk with socks on hind legs so...

...she walks on her 2 front legs, haha 😂 Annoyed cat is not amused: “DO NOT WANT! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!” [Video: America's Funniest Home]

“Mommy, where do fluff kitties come from? Tell me the truth...”

“Look, that's the truth!” “Wonderful idea, amazing, pawesome, cuteness overload. I love ♥ these adorable fluffy egg-kittens.”

When your cat is fuck*ng high on captnip! x)

“Hoomans, open the window, I believe I can fly like a swallow!” “OK Kitty, OK, we're sure you can do it, may be tomorrow, now relax, it's caturday...”