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“WHUT? Seriously hooman, are you mocking me, because I feel like I'm being mocked?”

“Poor cat: he’s like: what the hell?” “The cat: I am deeply shocked!” “I’ve made a terrible mistake.” “OK, I see... For this, you die in your sleep!” “Sad kitty...feelings got hurt, he thought he did so good.” 😢 “This has been cracking me up for at least 5 min...” “Funny and sad at the same time.”

Cute kitty with tiny ears enjoys a delicious liquid snack

 And his NOSE as well, haha 😁

Clumsy cat stuck in the cat toy walks in a funny way and gets scared!

“HALP, I knew this new weird toy was a trap, it's not funny, human, I hate you!” [Video:]

'Carmody' is that little burst of sunshine that pushes through the clouds on a grey winter day

“Aww cutie ♥ kisses.” “I love it when my kitties sniff my face: so sweet.” “This beats antidepressants any day. Who needs a man when you have this little cutie, haha!” [ Video @kitten_faces]

Cinemagraph • Gorgeous cat sitting in snow, chilling under melted snow

I love winter, I'm waterproof and snowproof...