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Be afraid, very afraid. Sneaking trio of ferocious cats is coming!

That awkward moment when you realize that your cats are plotting to kill you! “So funny and cute kitties.” “Purrfect synchronized attack.” “Mode 'Bobbing head in sync' activated” “Those eyes!” 👀

2 funny Bengal kittens vs. water squirting from a 'bidet'

“Caution Frank, WAAATEEER! Sneak attack.” “WTF? What kind of sorcery is this, Carl?”

Huge YAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN in slow motion

Like a ROARing lion (scary mouth) [Video: Juan Pablo Zaramella]

When your try to walk your Bengal ccat in the street

“DO NOT WANT! ” “Wait for it.” (seriously, it was a bad decision) “BLARGH! You killed me with your fuck*ng harness!”

Cat with magic orange eyes spying on the neighbors...

...through a wooden plank! “A little privacy please.”