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How ♥ cute is this little kitty? 10/10!

“So, I'm cute, really?” “Yep, you're MEGA cute!” “Please baby, stop being so cute.” “Sweet kitten, so innocent.” “I just exploded from cuteness overload.” “I'm resting in my cozy NEST.” “ Real man love cats ...and kittens!”

When your crazy cat is a real 'foot fetish' 👀

“Don't move human, resistance is futile, your feet are mine!” [Video: FunnyCatsworld]

“Hey you... Pssst Pssst... Wake up lazy cat!”

“WHAAAT? Sorry, I can't... I'm so exhausted... Zzzz.. Zzzz...” “That awkward moment when you're so tired from taking a nap that you feel like to have to take another nap to get over your nap .” “CATurday is a lazy day.”

2 funny cats waiting for their toy (in sync)

“Wait… wait… let’s go, PLAY FETCH! [Video: catloversonly]

Ferocious cat is ferocious! Don't touch him...

>> Free finger amputation ! “Those huge and sharp teeth!”