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Siamese kitten fails to impress Big Bro, haha! 😂

“Fight me... Fight me!” “OK superkid, you're the best, now it's time to go to bed...Game over.” "Definitivamente.... son diferentes y únicos. Son un espectáculo, divertidos y adorables." “Hmmm... Seriously, what do you expect little warrior?”

And suddenly... 'EKEKEKEKEKEK' Mode activated!'

“The assault rifle of nature.” 😂 “Out of control! cat.exe gone wild!” “haha so funny looking face, but what’s he saying?” He says: “b-b-b-bi-bi-bi-bird-bird-bird!” “Yup, '(S)he’s chirpin at a birdie. 'Come into my (weird) mouth little birdie.'” [ Video @nnergisd]

Tick-Tock... Tick-Tock... Tick-Tock... Funny cat discovers the new cat-shaped wall clock and...

...he copies the clock's pendulum tail movements with its own tail. 👍 “Do you mean TikTok cat? ( D. Trump disapproves! :) [Video: RM Videos]

It's just a nervous cat's tail slapping a quiet cat's head

“Carl, please stop your sh*t right meow, that’s enough for today, I'm not amused!”

When your weird cat has super long hind legs!

New cat breed: the 'Cheetah cat!' They can run very very very faaaaaast! “Pr im a ballerina E cat erina Paw lova!”