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Meanwhile in Russia... Sheldon’s favourite game: “Weeeee!”

Owner: Любимое развлечение Шелдона. Уииии... “That poor guy lives in constant danger...but he seems to have come to terms with it!” “Get all this sh*t out of my private space”. "Quand ton chat en a ras le bol de tous ces livres nuls que tu n'as jamais lus et qui encombrent son perchoir !" “Get a SIAMESE cat they said, it will be fun and they're so friendly they said...” 😂 😂 😂 "Это, скорее, слова кота, ведь полка идеально ему подходит, какого фига там книги/диски?" "кожаные от лап отбились." 😂 “OMG, was.. was that a white tablet?” "Jajajajaja por suerte no tngo nada para k s suban." 😂 “I love this. Little stinker.” (Oops sorry!)4 😂⠀ "может он любит крабить вместо пвп." "Que cabroooooon!!! Jajajaa!" “What a brat of a cat!” "Te hace a ti eso alguna de tus hijas y te dan los 7 males." “It's the jerk cattitude, haha!” “Mwahahaha...I'm dying.” "Das sind unsere beiden wenn wir Keys laufen nichts

That awkward moment when you realize that bae is a CRAZY CAT LADY with... 30 cats!!! 👀

“Haha that pigeon is a Super STAR, he has a super BIG audience for him alone !” “Only one pigeon for 30 cats? Well, it's a diet meal.”

Adorable (tired) kitty trying not to fall asleep

Hmmm... Monday morning in class.... “Meanwhile Bro and sis are comfortably sleeping in the basket Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz...  Life is unfair.” “Cute ♥ cute ♥ cute white kitty.” "Quand tu es arrivé en retard et qu'il n'avait que 2 places dans le lit." “Sono io ogni lunedì mattina in classe a scuola.” “Charlie you're drunk, go to bed!” “I can't, the pink bed is full!” “Kitty Nap Time: Success: 66,66% - FAiLure: 33,33%”

“I don't always sit in small wooden boxes, but when I do, I fits.“

At the end: that moment when you realize you have a big butt :/ “If it fits, I sits, whatever” [ Video @Hosiko] 

Meanwhile a crazy cat jumps - back and forth - over the couch like...

...a CRAZY HORSE ! And no one can stop him, haha.