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Meanwhile in European Union, cats purrfer Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine over AstraZeneCAT! 😂

Dramatic kitty: ”DO NOT WANT!” Serious cat: “Can I have Pfizer?”   But... will your cat really need a COVID-19 vaccine?     "As the virus continues to infect different animal species, scientists say it would be smart to eradicate it entirely before it can mutate into something worse! When the coronavirus jumped from humans to mink living on farms in Denmark last year, it started to mutate in new ways—and then infect more humans. It’s a scenario that might eventually happen with other animals, and that could potentially make COVID-19 vaccines less effective or even spawn new viruses. That’s why some startups are working on COVID-19 vaccines for animals— including domestic cats. A feline vaccine for COVID-19 could be available by the end of the year. “We are also concerned with vaccinating people, but we believe that any reservoir of the virus is one to be concerned about,” says James Hayward, CEO of Applied DNA Sciences, which will soon begin clinical trials of the new fe

This adorable floff kitty will totally melt 💘 your heart

“But why are you so cuuuute? It's criminal !” 😢 “Super cute ♥ kitty MEOWing in her comfy box. But why?” “She needs her mom.” “She's hungry: feed me... feed me... feed me.” “Halp, Halp, Halp, I'm stuck!” “MEOW MEOW MEOW. Pay attention to me, I'm cute and I know it :)” "Oh mio dio, è troppo carina, voglio baciarla per farla smettere di piangere." 💕 “Cuteness overdrive engaged.” "Sie ist so süß, ich möchte sie küssen." 💖 “Adorable lil' ears.” "나는이 새끼 고양이를 원하고, 너무 귀엽다, 나는 그것을 사랑해요."  “Ok you win, 'AWWW Mode' activated.” “Ayyyyyy qué cosita linda! Pequeñita bolita de pelo!” ♥ “Oh my god, overdosed on cute.” "Trop mignone cette petite boule de poils, il faut lui faire des gros câlins pour qu'elle arrête de pleurer.” “BOOOOM! 💔 Thank you, I just ex-plo-ded from cuteness overload.”

“It it fits, I sits...

... and I make Big boobs for my dad!” “Kitties sitting on (big) boobs are so funny.” “Because it's warm and comfy, like a couch for kittens.”

Aww... Cute yawning is contagious! 😺 😺 😺

Bless my soul there, absolutely a-do-ra-ble.” “This is for my tough day at work.” “Cute cuddle pawty.” “Good morning cuties!” “I want to pet those big bellies!” “I want to take a nap with them!” [ Video @ el.bowes]

Crazy cat refuses to stop eating his 'Cat CRACK'! “Miiiiine!!!”

“Cat crack? Hmmm... I need to try some of this for my cats.” “You can buy it in the pet store, mix it with valerian, first they go crazy and about 10 min later they are in 7th heaven.” “At the End, she has the claws in the hands!” “Wild & purrious Mlem Mlem Mlem.”