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Cat vs. fan: overexcited cat jumps in order to catch some fresh air

Don't give up, you can do it, fresh air is coming…soooon 😁

Affectionate sleepy kitty hugging with love her stuffed pet

“Dreaming of the jungle with my prey.” “OMG how can you be so cute.” “Mighty little snoozing lion.” “Bengal kitty, I ♥ love your spotty tummy!” [ Video @ fargotoddington]

Funny polydactyl meerCat senses danger

MeerCats have a very keen sense of smell and excellent eyesight, which are major aids in  the spotting of potential predators.

Overconfident cat thinks he can copy ferret parkour but...

“Look Mr. Ferret, I can do it… Okay, I can’t, I'm stuck, I'm too big.” “Expectation & reality.” [Video: catloversonly]

Hmmm... two creepy black cats with yellow flashing eyes...

... hidden under your bed! “That awkward moment when you realize that your cats are plotting to kill you.”