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“OH NOES, kitty! My leg is not your scratching post!”

“Next time, pay attention to me when I'm hungry, OK?” “When you want to ask something Mom but she is mad at you.” “Paws and love.” “Claws and love.” “PLaws and love.” “I see that’s controlled fear...” 🤣 [Video: via]

Teaching clever kitten how to use the new scratching post ;)

“God damn this is freaking adorable.” “Good kitty! Such a little cutie pie.” “Oh my gosh, so cute. I actually went 'awww!'” “He's like, "Huh? What're you doing? ... What? So just.... Oooohhh that's gooood!" “Kitty at the end: “Hooman, am I doing it right?” “'He deserves a 'goodboi' and a good treat.” “Pfft! Scratching posts are merely warmup stations for our cats, preparatory to moving on to the REAL contest - the dining room...chairs.” “Vets will also trim your cats nails if you don't feel comfortable. This method will keep you safe from deep scratches at playtime ;)” “I tried this for a half hour with my new kitten and all it did was put a bunch of new holes in my hand and run away to scratch the couch again, haha, little monster!” “This is how I taught my cat too: purrfect.” [Video: via]

Cinemagraph • 13 cats totally mesmerized by a crazy woman...

 ...roaring like a ferocious lion! “ROAAAAR!” Cats: “(WTF?)13” Boomerang effect without caption.

Super fluffy & super playful Persian cat tries to catch the string

“Fuck*ng red string, gonna catch you!”(almost, don't give up) “The struggle is real, sneaky string.” [Video: via]

3 curious cats startled by a strange massager with hea ► PANIC!

“The most startled Cats I've seen. One in the foreground watches the other two freak out and then he's like: 'OK guys, now it's my turn, Weeee I'm flyiiiiiiing!'". “You could literally use this GIF to describe how nuclear chain reactions work for physics students.” [Video: via loopdeloops]