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“Are you talking to me? ARE YOU TAAALKING TOOO MEEE?!?!?!”

“Honeeeeey, call the exorcist!”⠀ “This made me chuckle, teach! ” “2 cats together = peace and love they said (well almost) ” “Poseidos o endemoniados?” :/ “Did you say I'm ADOPTEEEED?” 😡 "Страшенно мені подобаються ці говорунчики!" 😍 “C'est une sacrée scène de ménage, il y a de la jalousie dans l'air et ça va barder...”

Funny kitten dancing on big boobs

Why kitty? “Because BooBs are full of milk, that's why.” “ HMMM... ” Without caption.

OMG! Look at these 2 crazy boxing cats ► The Ultimate fight!

Right hook - Left hook, Right hook - Left hook, Right hook - Left hook... “There can be only one!” “haha they're fuck*ng fast and Purrious!" “They play drums on each other.” “Fastest 'Patty Cake' ever.” 😂 Infinite Fight! 👀

Cutest purrsuit ever. Run, kitties, run...

 “Catch me if you can!” “This one sparks joy.” “So snuzzy kittens.” “Army of smol predators.”

Cute Scottish fold cat eating a delicious liquid snack

“Om Nom Nom, I like it, I like that new 'fast food' for cat, thank you my hooman.” [Video: via]