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2 funny and cute spider kittens living their best lives

“Look, I'm the first, now this is my spot!” “Please Bro, share it with me, I want to climb up like you.” “Nope, you stay where you are. ” “Mama cat is like: Hmmm...” "Альпинисты. Король лев, домашний вариант." [ Video @ family_greycat] 

Funny cat vibing to white cat vibing to 'Levan Polkka' [Vibing Cat No. 16]

Funny, the cat seems chill and happy :)

Epic cat fight! Crazy cat wildly attacks his own reflection in the mirror

In Russia cats aren't 'Fast and PURRious' but really 'Fast and FURIOUS', haha!😂 [Video: Oleg Koshurnikov]

2 funny cats ordering food by bell from their tower. Their human is just their servant...

“Well done dear cat lover, they have enslaved you. You walked blindly into this one, haha.”" “We all know that cats have 'staffs' and we're are just their salves, their servants, they are our overlords and we have to do their bidding. Amen” [Video: RM Videos]

Keyboard Cat's 'Wonderful Pistachios' commercial 👍

“Keyboard cat + Wonderful Pistachios: what a combination! Very creative video.” :) “Yes, Pistachios are my favorite nuts. They taste so amazing.” “LMAO 😂 Can't stop watching. He cracked the nut with one tap.” “I remember seeing this on TV. It was awesome.” [Video: Keyboard Cat 2020]