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Clumsy sleepy cat falls from (and with the) chair to floor haha 😆

“Carl you're fuck*ng DRUNK, go to bed! ” “Ha Ha Ha Ha!“ Cat: “Seriously hooman, not funny.” “Shiiiiiit, gravity won!” (Gravity: 28  Cat: 0) [Video: WeLoveMeows]

Disco cat vibing to CATurday night fever soundtrack [Vibing Cat No. 24]

Amazing, funny and so colorful! “I’m vibing to this while I got 50 missing assignments in my classes!” 😋 CATurday night fever ♪ ♫

“No...No...Do NOT want! • YAAAS...that's the spot!” 😊

Cat head massage machine? Resistance is futile... “She's slowly falling asleep: good nap sweet baby.”

Rocky Balbocat training hard for his next fight! (poor houseplant)

“Bongo cat: he's just playing the drums and he's doing a bang up job.” “He was a boxer in prior life!” “FAT and FAsT, yes its' possible.” 👌 “Hmmm.. hoomans, I know it's funny for you, but honestly I have no idea what I'm doing.” “ Monstera deliciosa vs. furry little monster. Hard to tell who's winning.” “Just a weird cat doing cat things, don't try to understand.” “My cat does that too, with the same kind of plant!” “I'm fa s t and furious boxer.” “Hey whatcha doing? • "Please, leaf me alone, I'm very busy!”