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“The catio was open, the sun was shining, fresh raspberries....

...  ...came on my fingers and my vegan kitty... " “'Lily' is 4 years old and completely healthy! She only eats fruits/veggies as a snack in small quantities." (her eyes are always buggin out when eating.” :) “Miga to morrendoo hahahaha quero tb fazer isso. Só quer comer pq tá na mão do humano. Que linda ❤ quem me dera as minhas tbm comessem”. “She's the cutest raspberry-eating cat. What a beautiful Cat, the color of her blue eyes is absolutely charming.” "Que ricas se veeeen, esperaba ver su boca como la del conejirouuu." "Quand ton chat, pur vegan, adore les framboises bien mures, surtout à déguster sur tes doigts." [Video: lilyandlunz]

'Come at me Bro' but...don't touch me!

“OK kid. Fist bump, give me five.” “What a little BRAVE warrior.” "Hallo das ist ja echt super süß." “Funny & cute both of them.” "Вот я какой сильный" “Don't worry, that brave kitten was a boxer in his past life!” "Allez viens mon gros, bats-toi, je suis plus petit que toi mais tu ne fais pas peur !" “Look, you don't have to...come on, kid, knock it off...I am not in the mood right now to...will somebody come and get this annoying little fuzzball?" "Que coisa mais linda. Amei" ❤️ [Video: fosterbabycats] 

Eco-friendly cat knows purrfectly how to turn off the water

“Please hooman, turn off the water while brushing your teeth!”

“Hey, please kitty...Videobomb! OK, you're doing it right, hahaha!” 😂

“I expected a trap...” “Cat haters gonna hate!” “I like how she gently picks up her innocent kitty at the end.” “I have seen enough, so it's OK.” “Oh meow God, saved in last tenth of second.” “A surprise to be sure, but a funny one.” “Butts are temporary but cats are eternal.” “That’s one hairy”