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“Please Mom, brush my fluffy fur with YOUR brush: DO want!”

“Oh my gosh, that’s freaking adorable!” ❤️ “'Willow' was in heaven with that brushing.” “I absolutely love this white fluffy cat... such a character!” “You're gorgeous (and one lucky cat).” “You two are the purrfect pair.” “Sharing brushung time is love ♥.” “Kate, your cat is living his best life.” 👍 [Video: katebeckinsale]

OWNED! “Kittyyy, what are you looking at, aren't you ashamed?” (3 GIFs)

“Wait Mom, I c... I ca... I can explain... It's a boob attack , I'm innocent, I swear!” WAIT, I CAN EXPLAIN... Without caption

Cute sleeping kitty has a nightmare!

Poor kitty, the struggle is real! “She's like: 'NOOO!(1) Don't touch me, ugly monster... I said NOOO(2)!'”   “Bless her, poor little thing...” “She's sleeping in a so funny and cute way.” 💗 [Video: Cat Lovers Community]

When your cat helps you: “No more keyboard typing fo today!”

“ That's enough Internet for today Mom, you work too much, you have to rest, now it's NAP time.... Zzzz... Zzzz...” “Mom's hand? Best pillow for lazy (and shameless) cats.” [Video: Marisa B.]