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Big cat hugging Mom's hand and sucking her finger like a kitten!

“This is our pre nap ritual, what's yours?" 😊 “Reflejo de succión. El dedo es la reta de mamá. Es el máximo amor expresado su humana. Puedes pensar tanto amor." “My kitty sucks my right ear lobe every night. Only my right ear.“ "Quand ton chat retombe en enfance et prend ton index pour une (grosse) tétine maternelle." [Video: fataliciousromeo] 

Good night babies, sweet dreams... Zzzz Zzzz

“Aww so cute kitties! They are sleeping and dreaming in a pair of bed socks.” “As cute as they can be. It's really criminal...” 😍 “Funny socks with a head cat.” [Video: midorinotanbo]

Nothing better than a good face massage before going to bed

“YAAAS... especially my cheeks, please...” “Massaging your cat can make your favorite furry creature feel relaxed, calm down after a stressful event, and just feel more loved and cared for. In fact, if done correctly, massaging your cat can make your kitty feel much better than from just regular petting.” [Video: catloversonly]

“High five my Kitty?” • “NO! Getting tired of your sh*t, hooman!”

“NO high five, feed me b*tch, I’m hungry!”