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Hmmm... You have to be brave & super quick to play with a NiNJA kitten!

"Wait for it. Se veía venir!" " OWNED! Kitten:1 Hooman:0" 😂 "Kannst du des mal mit deiner Miezekatze versuchen." “Ahaha my crazy cat makes the same but she never catched me!” “Like a rocket!” 🚀 "O tal do gato criminoso." “Another classic ‘what did you THINK was going to happen'?” 😏 “OMG that attack on woman's face was unexpected and scary.” "Quant ton jeune chat, super joueur, ne maîtrise pas sa force d'attaque et te renverse avec fougue !"   “Poor innocent girl purrfectly knocked down. Game over!” “Next time, buy 'Coke', your cat looks to hate 'Pepsi' hahaha! “Ouch, pouncing like a Tiger! I hope her face and eyes are OK.”

'Eric' the Persian cat ridin' in his new shoe box (he likes it!)

And... “They see me rollin', they hatin'” "Ojalá un carnet para esto, nos lo sacabamos en unos días." “The car of the future is here... and it is affordable!” “Look at his little tail rudder!” "Das teste ich beim nächsten Karton." “Real men love ♥ cats.” 😊 "Morta! Voglio vivere così,come lui,nella mia scatola di scarpe. Per me anche a patato piacerebbe!" "Ata bem que ele podia deixar né... mas conheço esse cabeção kkkkk." "Quand ton chat a adopté ta dernière boîte à chaussures pour en faire sa nouvelle voiture décapotable, Vroom... Vroom... à fond la caisse !" [Video: eric_and_ollie_]

Lazy cat chilling on Mom's thighs & kneading the air (like a boss)

"TALK TO THE PAWs." “Døgs have owners, cats have a staff of slaves ." “Today I'm doing noting, because I started doing it yesterday and I wasn't finished AND I'M NOT QUITTER.” 😁 [Video: WeLoveMeows]

Sunday afternoon: when you're just trying to rest on the couch and someone comes to ruin that plan!

“ Monorail cat is tired, he wants to rest but Bro wants to play with that arrogant tail!” “Come and play with my tail, catch it if you can!”. "O gato ainda consegue ficar parado aí em cima. Eu ia rolar e cair no chão." "I’m sure what you by looking sideways is that you wanted your hooman to pet you! Oh, you!" "Muito parecido, faltou só a terceira cor meu gordo ;)" "Quand tu veux faire ta petite sieste dominicale sur le canapé mais qu'il y a toujours quelqu'un qui vient te déranger." [Video: cherryxcoffee]