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Super baker 'Maru' kneads bread for family (with a straw in mouth)

“Aww... 'Maru' looks so happy. That makes me happy, too. Plastic straw is better toy than rubber band, I think.” “Hey 'Maru', you're doing it wrong, you are supposed to knead the bread BEFORE it is baked! Anyway, you're the coolest cat on earth. 'Hana' looked adorable washing her paws in the background.” [Videource: maru mugumogu]

Funny cat - lying on the floor - likes to be petted with his owner's foot

“'Gomazou' is a sweetheart. He is so beautiful, cute, cuddly, a special tiny peanut. I love ♥ you funny kitty.” [Video: zoubrothers]

Cat in sink hates having fresh water on his back and hind legs, haha

“Get OUT of my bed and don't touch my paw!” “Fuck*ng water, get out of my bed and don't touch my left paw!“ [Video: Jessica Holmes] The struggle is real 😂