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When your baby is a... sweet kitten 💕

“Why are kitties so cuuuuute?“ “A purring baby is better than a crying baby, isn't it?” “Mode 'A💓W💓W💓W' activated.” “That mini white blankie” 😆 “A cute sleepy kitten being super cute.”

Cat door killer strikes again, HAHAHA! 😂

Fat cat: "Get that shit outta here!" “WHAT? I'm NOT fat, I 'm super strong, that's why.” “When you're chillin' at home and hear a weird noise from the next room...” “ MY WORK HERE IS DONE . What else?” 😄 “When your fat cat viciously attacks his innocent cat door, haha." “Yeah, this cat is sick of all this human shit (cat door), all he needs is a... Hula hoop .” 😂 [Video:]

“I was petting my cat, then he goes all green DEMONIC eyed!!!" 👀

"Umm… declaration of war?!" “Scary eyes, yes I think your cat wants to kill you, good luck dude!” 😖 “Paranormal CATivity!” “Green laser eyes.”