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Funny cat wants to help his human doing Pole dance workout

“So... am I a crazy cat girl or just a girl with a crazy Cat?” “Well, you're crazy, your Bengal cat is crazy as well and you're a crazy cat girl, mwahahaha!” “Both Internet favorites. An amazing Bengal cat and a pretty pole dance girl. You're pawsome and purrfect.” ;) [Video: passionforpolefitness]

Funny sleepy kitten sticking her tongue out

“Hey lazy kitty, wake up!” “WHAAAT? I can't, I'm so exhausted...” Zzzz... Zzzz... “Cute BLEP cattitude.”

One more proof that cats are liquid! 👀

“Look hooman, I'm not fat, just fluffy!' “I can't believe he fits inside that narrow cardoaord tube! It's amazing and magic.” [Video: zoubrothers]