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First, they steal our ♥ heart. Then they steal our bed and...

...then, they still our (expensive) laptops! “Haha, your cat has the same laptop as me but he works harder than me!” 😂 Owner: “Not working, he is watching the birdies on Youtube.” 🐦 “Sorry Mom but the bed is full, you sleep on the floor tonight.” “Because...on the Internet nobody knows you're a cat.” [Video: yves_the_cat]

Seriously, that tiny box was too small for big 'Maru', haha (“Anyway, if I don't fits...I still sits.”)

“'Maru', the box is just big enough for one of your big round paw.” 'Maru': ”Yep, I know, that one wasn't too small, it's just a foot box! So, with one paw in, I win!” “He's like a hermit crab trying to find his perfect shell :)” “The look of indignation on 'Maru's face is priceless. The box is just a pillow” “Grumpy 'Maru'. 'Hana' is like “Hmmm... here we go again, he's going to sulk the whole day...” [Video: mugumogu]

Check out 'Quimera', a NEW gorgeous two-faced cat (from Argentina)

“This is 'Quimera', an amazing and gorgeous Cat (she). 'Quimera' may be what’s known as a Genetic chimera , a rare natural occurrence whereby an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs. They fuse together to become a single organism, whose DNA is from two completely different individuals. However she may be also be a mosaic, much more common in felines, which is only one individual egg that just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. Only DNA testing would give the answer. Either way, she’s just gorgeous! Her blue eye especially appears like some kind of precious stone, bright and beautiful and an utter contrast to her other eye. The color split continues down her chest to her front legs, with the sides reversed.” (Iveta @Bored Panda) “'Quimera', la gata de dos caras, gata indecisa, que opina y reflexiona acerca de los grandes aspectos de la vida.” “Que cosita mas linda. Que adorable me encanta, no pu