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💕 BLiND cat hugs smartphone when he ears his beloved human playing ♪♫ piano

“'Namik' a beautiful ginger tabby cat: he is blind but so affectionate and ♥ cute. Тhat's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!” “Aww... I'm crying, he's so sweet and that's a so heart touching story, poor blind kitty” ;( “They say music soothes the savage beast, but music has an effect on all animals, including cats. 'Namik' is a blind cat and whenever he hears pianist 'Sarper Duman' playing through his owner’s smartphone, 'Namik' hugs the smartphone like a security blanket.” [Video: sarperduman]

Crazy ginger kitten fighting his own reflection in the mirror! 😂

“Don't laugh, the struggle is real!” “hahahaha  that playful kitty is so funny.” “Me when I'm drunk seeing my own face LOL.” “Fight me! Fight me if you're brave.” “Cat bloon.” 😁

Cat logic: new weird way to drink rain water…under a car!

At first he was “Singing in the rain” ♪ ♫ But today he's “Drinking in the rain” 😂 So => NO LIMIT in the rain.