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GOT MILK? Crazy cat licking boobs... 😂

Well... almost, haha, epic FAiL! “GAH! Where is the milk?” “Your milk is so close, yet so far.” “Some Catnip on nipple?” 😁

Funny 'Japanese bobtail' (with lovely bum) wagging his tiny tail like a happy døg

“So cute cat, for when you're having a bad day.” :) “Lovely butt with tattoo.” “Wow! Unique fur! Nice looking.” “Oh, isn’t cute! Heartmelting.” “What a perfect bum!” “Haha, what would life be without our cats?” “Just like 'Nemo' in my book, Magnificats, Return of the Demon Wind.” [Video: setsunao]

Sneak attack! Playful Sphynx cat tries to catch his human but fails :)

“Attack and retreat, haha, you scared your kitty so bad.“ “Funny Sphynx, I love to play hide & seek with my cat.” “Nooooo! Don't touch me!” [Video: gracienoe]