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Can we get an 👏 ENCORE 👏 for 'goalkitty'?

“She is adorable, love her little palmy paws as she reaches for the sky.” “That made me laugh, she's so cute.” ♥ “She's so lovely genius cat!” “I also want to give her many kissses and pull on her swishy tail!” “ JAZZ H ANDS! ” [Video: goalkitty]

Meanwhile in the backyard, 'Fence cat' weirdly walks on his fence

Mission: Impawsible? Nope, because... CAT!

Funny real “Tom and Jerry“ adventures (not a cartoon)

“A little kiss Jerry? Keep Calm, Tom, and don't touch me!” “Ninja mouse and startled Cat (cat-like reflexe)” “When your cat is a mouse lover not a killer.” “Brave mouse and fearful cat, hahaha that made my day.”  “Cute 💓 little thing, innocent and so brave...”  [Video: catloversclub]