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Hmmm... the cat is not amused by that hard 'ear massage'

“Dont' f*ck with my cute ears!”. He looks like he wants to kill his hooman, haha.” “He's like: 'Come on, lemme go human, this isn't funny anymore... and give me my food!'” “Enjoy hooman, have fun, but for 'this' you'll die in your sleep tonight, I swear!” 😂 [Video: locke_mog]

When your naughty cat knocks your favorite ballpoint pen over!

“But why?” “Because it's Sunday, f*ck your homework!”

Derpy cat in action. Epic FAiL in slow motion 😆

“OK Carl, at least you try. Now, go home cat, you're drunk! Hahaha.” “Clumsy but funny kitty.” “The struggle is real.” 😀 [Video: Mitchell]