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Epic Cat FAIL! ►Clumsy cat tries to lean against the wall but... 😂

“Ok Kitty, good nap & sweet dreams, see you later.” “Drunk, yes you're drunk girl, so you had better go to bed!” “I think she needs a little privacy for her nap.” 😋 [Video: onlysame1 @]

Om Nom Nom... Crazy Parrot eating delicious cat fur

“Hey you, silly bird, stop that right Meow, that's enough, calm down!” “Hahaha, some birds are crazy & stubborn, but so funny: Bon appétit .” 😂 “STOP! I am not not edible.” “Please, gimme back my hair!” [Video: cat_lovers group]

OWNED! Trap is working :) Curious cat trapped under cardboard box

“Curiosity trapped the cat” “This is a great cat prank! No one got hurt in the process and it was made in good fun.” “Cat logic: I saw the trap, I knew what would happen, and still said fuck your stick!” “Owned! 0wned! Pwned! 0wn3d! Pwn3d! Own3d!” 😂 [Video: loopdeloop @]