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'Albert baby Cat' playing drums with his hooman. So funny & cute kitty

“I love the black Christmas tree on his nose.” 🎄 “Oh 'Albert', you fluff soft, squishy cat.” “I'm so in love with his little footers just look at them. So cute.” 💕 “Hi 'Albert', you are such a beautiful boy smooches.” “Hind paws = bunny paws.” 😊 [Video: albertbabycat]

Pizzaiolo 'Maru' al lavoro kneading pizza, he's a purrfect pizza maker 👍

“Moltooo beneee 'Maru', lo fai perfettamente.” 🍕 “Hmmm... 'Maru' + Pizza...two 💕 of the best  things in this World!” “I love that he's holding a toy in his mouth! 'All toys are mine'” :) “That looked so real, I expected to see cheese sticking to his paws, haha” “He has a TOMATO in his mouth for the final topping, hehe.” 🍅 “If he kneads so much pizza...he is probably opening a pizza shop for cats, soon.” [Video: mugumogu]

Amazing Shironeko cats chilling in their tires ► Funny 'fur wheel drive'

“I've never seen tires purring and looking so pretty, haha!” “When the pitstop crew is resting.” “Damned, today I just bought 4 new tires but I didn't get 4 cats with the purchase? Why?” 😒 “😭 Shiro & Tyatora , we miss you...” 💔 💔 [Video: かご猫 Blog]