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Cute kitty likes to swing (good vibrations)

And she's purrfectly ready for the International cat show !  🏆 “So cute and chubby kitty: I want to kiss 💋  her big belly.”

'Maru' is the funniest & the coolest cat! Even all squished up and distorted into small boxes

“Proof that cats are liquid. They take the shape of the container they're placed in, whatever.” “Where can I buy some 'Maru' liquid for my glass containers?” “I would die to know WHAT exactly 'Maru'  is thinking while doing stuff like that!” “It is very entertaining to see the strange desire of 'Maru' to fit in the smallest boxes.” “'Maru' always finds a way to be sooo comfortable!” “This is the next-generation yoga: the MARU YOGA'.” 😋 [Video: mugumogu]

Cinemagraph • Shhh... Purrfect catmouflage 👀

And suddenly... those scary orange eyes! “We know that cats are Ninjas & an important part of their Ninja arsenal is their... catmouflage!!! ”