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WOW, Supercat (she) in action! That was a seriously impressive dive! 👀

“Her owners live on a boat and this brave one has been in water since she was tiny, this is why she can do that!” 💙 “What a legend, breaking the rules (cats hate water) I've never seen that before ! “Well you don’t see that every day. A-WE-SO-ME! That’s a water lovin’ cat.” “The fearless cat who loves the beach.” “That’s the dream. Live in a hot country, by the sea, with a beach loving cat.” “Damned! Never seen a cat jump into the water like that.” What a fuck*ng dive! Go kitty go, you're simply the best!” 👌 “haha this cat swims better than me, than you!” “Whhaaaaat!? No way...cats hate the water.” 😄 “I have never seen a cat willingly enter a body of water.” “Holy shit! Pawesome! I need this cat in my life.” 👍 “I  have never seen a cat just dive in with such intention.” Cat: “Screw your crappy boat I’m outta here!” “Whatever. Don’t be nasty. Anyway that is just crazy. My cat just about had a stroke watching.” He's like: “C'mon, vamos a la playaaaaaa!” 😸 “That'

“My tail = new toy” • Cute and funny kitten easily entertained

“A good lesson humans can learn from cats: even the most simple things can be turned into toys and provide tons of fun.” “Those are some shiny beans.” “Oh, she's so precious. I want to kiss her little jelly bean toes.” 💋 🐾 “I've had some cats that seemed fully aware and in control of their tails, moving them when grooming and such...but some cats go years and years and still get surprised regularly that these things are attached to their asses. I love cats, but they can be strange.” [Video: via Nikkian42]

Fearless ginger cat likes to strongly play with the vacuum cleaner tube!

“Andrey Lebedev filmed this of his cat 'Rijka' playing with the vacuum cleaner.” “Amazing cats vs. vacuum cleaner is what The Internet was made for...” 👍 “Meanwhile in Russia a cat is biting, sucking, licking and slapping that fuck*ng  black beast!”  👀