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“'Minki' loves to float in the pool. She likes to get on whenever someone is in the pool.”

Owner: “This one goes out to all our rainbow loving furriends.” “Wow she’s lovely and fearless. My girlie would be less enthusiastic about the ‘ground’ moving beneath her, lol.” “I can imagine your cat falling in the water...” “Haha! Thankfully 'Minki' is careful and has never fallen off the pool float and there is always someone in the pool with her.” “I wish I'm that cat and I wish my owners have a pool....” [Video: thezenkitty]

“4/5 cute sleepy kitties hear birdies and eyes wide open.”

“OMG, I could kiss all of them for hours sooooooo cute!” “Aww, soooo precious babies!” ♥️ “Cuteness overload x5” “Purrfect Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.” [Video: fluffy_nerfs]

Affectionate cat demands to be petted 💕

Loving kitty: "Please my human, pet my head." “Love me tender.. Love me true...” “And haters say 'Cats are not affectionate' hahahahaha.😂”