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Kitten thief or 'Touch da cherry' game? 🍒

“Funny kitten. But  Why won't Mom just let him have one?” “Cherries are toxic to cats, so they're  just red toys.” “Hahaha my cat does the exact same thing. With grapes too.” “That must be a very religious cat because he can stop cherry-picking.”

When your funny cat becomes a MeerCat

"Don't laugh at me Mom, I'm your bodyguard and I sense danger, that's why." “Cat + Meerkat = MeerCat! They're evolving.” 😃 [Video Source: Juan Felipe Gallego]

Funny cat with bunny ear hat chilling on couch

“Enjoy human, enjoy, but I'm not amused, so for that prank I'm gonna murder you in your sleep.” “OK hooman, you have failed me for the last time!” “This poor kitty is sick of all this human sh*t, haha.” “You'll pay for this, dude, I swear.” [video: daniella54]