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When your two cats shamelessly steal kid's Beds 😺 😺

“Sorry Mom, beds are taken, so tonight your kids sleep on the floor the bathtub!”

Innocent cat vs. static balloons • Cat:0 Balloons:12 😂

“They are still behind me, isn't it?” “Hey human, WTF is that new prank, don't mess with me, I'm not your toy!”

Giant cup or micro cat? Anyway 'If it fits, I sits!' mode activated

“Excuse me hooman, but it's nap time. See you later...” “Purrfect proof that cats are LIQUID!”

40 second BLEP! Funny 'Oreo' sticking his cute pink tongue out

Way too cute, 'Oreo' is a Master Blep.” “BLEP: the act of a cat sticking its tongue out slightly without realizing it, often for long periods of time.” 😛 [Video @theoreocatofficial]