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OMG, crazy cat trying to eat puzzle pieces while lying in the box 👀

“When 'Osvald' the Tuxedo cat helps sort (and taste test) puzzle pieces.” “Naughty cat 'helps' his owner with 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle: Om Nom Nom...” “Poor cat, he's so hungry, must fed him!” 😋 [Video: Talk_to_the_paw]

Brave kitten showing BIG cockatoo who is the boss!

“Ninja Kitty striked, hope the bird is save.”' “Don't worry, Parrots are agile, clever and very RUDE!” “That little bugger, haha, hope the bird pecks him on the nose.” “The cockatoo's eyes at the end: 'WTF? are you mad?'” [Video @petercockatoo]

Lazy cat taking a good nap /!\ DO NOT DISTURB /!\

“Those black and pink bean toes are so ♥ cute.” [Video @midorinotanbo]

Secret Agent Cat 007

“Do you mean Secret Agent cat 00 9 (... lives )” “Crazy cat girl strikes again.” :) [Video: Rachael Chaves]