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”I'd like a KFC bucket of 'Maru' please, extra floofy.”

“He was a lil perplexed by the cylindrical shape but he figured it out!” “If it fits, I sits” 😺 “Amazing how much of his big body he can squeeze into a little container. And look comfortable.” “New cat breed >> The 'KFC bucket cat'.” 👍 “We see a bucket but 'Maru' sees a comfy round box. And he tries to sit in it, of course. xD” “That KFC bucket still smells like chicken! That`s why 'Maru' loves it!” [Video: maru mugumogu]

White cockatoo totally mesmerized by flyiiiiing cat! 👀

“Damned, Kitty! How do you manage to fly WITHOUT wings?” “Because...CAT, that's how I roll!” 😸

'Melissa' the Scottish fold cat winking & meowing in a funny way

“And 'Meooow' means: 'Yep, I love 💕 my Mom.'” [Video @melissa_scottish]

“L... U... WHAT? Calligraphy? Hand lettering again? STOP Hooman, that's enough for today!”

“Story of my life: my cat hates me when I work at home :('” “He hates LU cifer!” (American urban fantasy superhero television series) [Video @watering76]