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Go-oo-ood vibra-a-atio-o-ons • “M e-ee-eee ow-oow-ooow”

“This his is how cats recharge their purring.” “This Maine coon cat is shaking the appliance with his purrs.” [Video: deathakissaway]

Clever cat playing with a small mirror in order to create a sunbeam on the ceiling!

“Wait, gonna catch you big white dot, yesterday I killed the red dot!”

“MiNE, ALL MiNE!” Vegan cat only eats huge carrots during summer

“Chibi-Side's long limbs are perfect for this task and those are some huge carrots!”   “ Shiro , we miss you...” 💔 [Video: かご猫 Blog]

'Head Cat' is just a head but...

...she enjoys sweet head massages and wants to be gently petted, so it's OK 😺 [Video @nala_take]