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Chubby cat enjoys a purrfect body massage

“What a (big) relaxed blue flooofffff.” “Belly massage = best massage for cats.” “OMG... adorable! But I’d lose both arms to the elbow if I tried this with my cat!”

Naked cat sitting on his throne…

…judging all you measly humans ! 😽 “Blessing your feed with my sexy knees!” “This weird cat kind of looks like dobby from Harry Potter, haha.” “Yes, OhMyGosh he does look like Dobby! Oh now he doesn’t seem so scary.” “Wait, expression looks like the one Rihanna has when she’s closing the car window in that popular GIF.” [Video @the.dark_lord]

Cute tired kitty slowly falling asleep on 2 little pillows

“Ahhh I'm melting ❤️  Cuteness overload.” “Adorable kitty.  This is also me right meow - so sleepy.” “ Nap now would be purrfect! So sweet baby.” “Haha!! That kitty was OUT before it’s head hit the pillow!. “Pretty much what I wanted to do all day.” “It’s been a very busy day 😻  Sweet dreams baby.” “Now, he needs a blankie.” “That's what happens when I'm watching TV past 9 P.M. Zzzz...Zzzz” “Me, all Monday mornings during math class .” 😄 [Video @veggiedayz]

Funny copycat: how to play with your sleepy cat

“Wait human, I can do it too.” “Her 'hand' looks like yours.” 😂 “Stretching her toe beans in a lazy way.”