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2 cute cats sleeping together head to head 😻😻

♪♫ Love 💕 is the air ♫♪ “ Romeow and Juliet .” [Video @midorinotanbo]

Hmmm... You can't choose your cat, THE CAT chooses you! 💕

“This how I adopt my 2 stranger cats: adopt, don't shop!” “You shall not pass, pet me !” “Human you don’t understand. You have been chosen and your resistance is futile. ” “Hey hooman bring me to your home, I'm a good boy.” “Why do I never find such cats in the street?!” “What’s the password human?” “Cat: don't ignore your new master, now take me home.” “He’s the luckiest guy.” “If I had there I would adopt him.” “I wouldn't even dare to walk any further when being chosen by an affectionate fluff.”

They're evolving. Two funny cats playing hide and seek under bed

“Are you there Carl?” “Yep Georges, you found me and you win!”

Crazy cat in his box attacks & bites his own tail >> Cats being weirdos :)

“That's enough, now you you must die, fuck*ng arrogant tail!” 😾 [Video: the pet collective]