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MiNE! Funny PROTECTiVE cat snuggling with his beloved 💓 Teddy

“ Just DON'T! 😼 I will cut you,hooman” “Awww so protective of her little friend!” “His eyes at the end, his big paws and his fluff. I’m already in love ♥️” “Nope, DO NOT TOUCH my sleepy baby.“ [Video @lunathemoonface]

OK, adorable kitty found the purrfect spot for a little nap 👍

“This is why you’ll never wash your socks again...” 😁 “So tiny and cute baby cat.” “That fluff ball looks like they’re having a good time.” “When you didn't wash your socks for 3 days, SOMETHING GROWS.” “At first I thought the kitty was a baby hedgehog.” “She looks like a big caterpillar.” “The result of a mating between a Dust Bunny and various cat's hair.”

“Funny cat reaction, every time I make the bed...” 😂

“Our lil monsters love when we make the bed, it's playtime for us!” “So damn funny and fast reaction.” 😊 “Suddenly...'Hunting Mode' activated.” “The little butt wiggle, I am dead.” [Video @clementine_thekitty]

Attentive gang of 10 snuzzy kitties bobbing their heads in sync

“That is the new kitty dance team.” “I want the two black and white ones at the front.” “I want the lighter one with the white chest in the back row.  Too cute.” “OMG that black and white one in the front. Even the lopsided white mustache.” [Video@love2foster]