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Exhausted kitty deeply sleeps on its back >> COMA nap!

“When I sleep, I sleep!” “Wait, I'm not lazy, I'm just on my energy saving mode.” “Cute tiny Meow.” “Reasons I sleep 22 hours a day!    1. I sleep when I'm drunk.    2. I'm always drunk, haha.” 😂

When you try to make your own gingerbread house but...

…you instantly regret not just buying one.” 😁 “Too flippin cute! You’re doing such a good job sweetie.” “He’s like: “Um, let me build in peace human.” “A kitty in a butterfly sweater and a cook’s hat, nothing is better” “I think this is what my kitty a does when I’m not home.” [video @angelbengal]

Today 'Peanut' discovers Mom’s tail >> Best cat toy!

“Attack mode: stand on two, stick baby milk belly out, dangle paws. NOW…ATTAAAAACK!!!” “Mom is soo patient, like she doesn’t even notice.” “Oh my…they just made my day. So cute Kitty.” “I cant even! Too much cuteness Im gonna pass out!”

Summer time: Happy cat leaping in a beautiful flower field

“Weeeee! I'm happy because I love summer, fridays and orange flowers!” “Pawesome cat!” “So majesctic and flexible.”