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Clever cat knows how to entertain itself on spiral slide! 👍

“Weeeee! He really enjoy his life.” 😸 “They're evolving and know human stuffs. I wonder what they are doing secretly hiding from people to rebel on us, soon...” “Amazing & playful black cat!”

Awwdorable tiny kitty sleeping in the hand palm of her human 💕

“My kitty used to be like this, could do & move her anywhere & she’ll stay sleepy.” “OMG melting my heart! So sweet cutie, I can’t handle it.” 💔 “My baby angel…This is the most innocent and precious kitty I’ve seen.” [Video @park_kkone]

Naughty black cat >> 'Instant Karma' cat edition 😁

“The struggle for the box was real.” “Hahahahaha cats are so funny! Skillful but clumsy at the same time.” [Video: MAKO0MAKO0]

Funny kitty discovers his own reflection in the mirror and...

...wants to snuggle 💞 with this new friend. “Mummy why there’s another cute kitty in da house?” “I fall in love with this adorable British short hair kitten.” “Look at that cute lil face!” “Oh look at you sweetheart ♥️ You got someone to play with and she looks just like you. She could be your twin.” [Video @cattery_greycat]

Proud fractalized cat wearing sunglasses

From blue to orange, back and forth. [Unedited cat picture by Andy Prokh ©, photographer]