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💢 BANG! 💢 Funny cat playing dead from finger shot

“Ahhhhh! You killed me: 9 lives - 1 = 8”. “This cat is Drama Queen!” “He deserves a cat Oscar.” 👏 “Dramatic cat is dramatic.” [Video @myfosterkittens]

Cute running kitten is surprised when he meets the cameraman!

“Wait, who are you? Hello sweet floof, I'm a papurrazzi...” “Hi kitty, so you come here often?” “Oh Hey hooman, you're home early.” “Cute pointy tailed kitty.” 💗

Cream cheese? Yum Yum delicious 👅

“That scrunchy little face, I can see you’re enjoying it!” “Beautiful green eyes with black eyeliner.” 💚 “Cute (s hort ) nose.” 💛 [Video @tussetroll_and_tingeling]

“No touchy please “ • Human got REJECTED, haha 😂

“I said NO! And NO is NO, OK?!” “Nah, keep your dirty fingers to yourself!” “Funny and cute move at the same time.” “ Social distancing , to avoid COVID-19? You're doing it right.” 😀 “Funny reaction. Me with people I don’t like.” [Video @Shanrenmiaoju] REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR MASK 😷 100 cats and kitties acting like their humans? They're so amazing, clever, patient, funny or cute ♥

White cat with green laser eyes, Hmmm....

“Feed me or I'll kill you!” “Dude, don't mess with him he looks angry!” [Picture by Zerofender]