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Sneak 'Ninja cat attack' from behind. You'll never see it coming!

“It's game but a hunting practice too.” “The attacker deliberately looks away from the other cat to communicate that he’s not being aggressive and simply just playing.” Cat eating grass. “What the hell was that? Can't a cat eat some grass in peace?” “Surprised cat is surprised!” 😂 Funny, cute and innocent kitty.

Fluffy kitty grooming front paws, lying on his comfy bed

“WHAT? Did someone say… cute kitten?“ 💕 “Yes Mom, I know, I know, I'm the little Prince of laziness.” 😸

Weirdo cat: “Yo man! Want some fresh Catnip? Come here.”

“Come here hooman, we have to talk about your fuck*ng døg!” 😼 “Haha so cautious kitty.” “TALK TO THE PAW.” “That’s me when I am waiting you at the door.” “Psss…Psss…Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ ?” 🙏

Cat enjoying a sweet cheek massage with his new Rolling face massager

“This funny ginger cat is in heaven.” “He really enjoyed that massage. 'Keep it doing hooman, I feel sooo goood.'” “My cat would bit it and my hand and my arm and more...” 😌 “Our cats definitely domesticated us.” “My cat would cut off my hand if I get to close come near with something like that!” “I'm feeling relax & sleepy too, after watching this.” [Video @yoon._.riri]

Funny cat with divergent strabismus (wall-eyed) 😂

 “I see what you did there. Also over here...”