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Bengal kitten knocks arrogant kid over (haha! 😂)

“You deserved it, girl. And don't mess with me, I told you I'm the BOSS, OK?” “OWNED! 😼 Cat:1  👧 Kid: 0” “ Ninja Kitten: By The Time You See Him, You're Already Dead!”

“Hey...Whatcha doing kitty?” • “Nothing, nothing, I'm just inspecting that strange wall...“ 😂

 “When you get caught looking at someone then have to try acting like something interesting is going on somewhere else, haha.” 😄 “Don't worry cute birdie, I'm on a diet” “Oh Hi! I'm...I'm just looking at this beautiful wall!” “I wasn’t coming to... I'm looking at the wall, how pretty is it.” “When the teacher looks back at you cheating!” “Clever kitty. How the hell does it know to do that? It's acting like a human would” “No No...I wasn’t going to attack you, I swear, anyway I'm vegan.” “I'm always impressed by the cunning intellect of cats.” 😻

Adorable kitty begging for food (and she's not happy!)

“Mom, I know I'm cute but FEEED MEEE! 😠 I'm so hungry, I'm dying...” “Cutest smol meowing machine.” (mini) Dancing Queen 💕 “Swinging kitty”

Woman mesmerized & flabbergasted by her weirdo cat floating in the air 👀

Don't worry... it's just Paranormal CATivity.

Crazy cat taking his daily shower like a human (with water in the face!)

“And they said ALL cats hate water hahahaha!” “This is how you stand in the shower after a hot and rough day.” “Make me clean human, whatever!” “WOW! Breaking the rules, cats don’t usually like to get wet!.” “Yes, this is a new cat breed: Waterproof kitties, hahaha.” “This is the way (some) cats tolerate a bath - like being in the rain...”👍