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Black cat: “Hmmm...where the heck did the lizard go?” 😂

“Hey kitty, look up ▲” “Another reason I love cats! They do such funny things!“ “I’ve never seen a cat with a lizard on its head.” “How patient and tolerant is this black cat.” “Funny tiny green hat >> Fashion victim.” “Amazing luxurious collar” “It still blows my mind how black cats don’t get adopted as often as other colors. How could you not want a mini panther in your house? “New cat breed: the black LiZCAT !” 😋 “Pretty kitty and fun lizard hitching a ride!” [Video @horst_the_hero]

The cutest meowsseuse: “Hey hooman, a little Privacy, please!”

Caught in the Act! “Hmmm... this is exactly what it looks like.” “Me trying to strangle you!” “Awww I love when they stretch them toesies out like that.” [Video @windycityfosters]

Amazing kitty in its bath, breaking the rules! 👀

“WHAT rules? I'm just enjoying my daily bath among my little yellow friends...” [Video @gatti_conquisteranno_il_mondo]

Funny cat sneezes big: “ATCHOOOO!”

 “He is allergic to Harry Potter!” “He wants Harry Purrter!” 😂 “The suspense kept building and building as the cat came closer and closer to the BIG sneeze!” [Video: ViralHog]

2 tired kittens trying not to fall asleep

Zzzz... Zzzz... NO! Zzzz...Zzzz... NO!