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Good fans catch falling cat using a flag a American football game! (3 GIFs)

“A cat has been saved by fans at an American football game in Miami after it plunged about 30ft from an upper deck of the Hard Rock Stadium! 👍 The poor creature writhed and wriggled as it tried to get itself back to safety, prompting shrieks from the crowd. 'They were trying to grab it from above and they couldn't reach it, but they were scaring it downward,' said Craig Cromer, a facilities manager at the University of Miami and season-ticket holder who with his wife Kimberly brings the flag to each home game. It hung there for a little while with its two front paws, then one paw, then I was like, 'Oh my goodness, it's falling soon'." Fans below the kitty readied themselves to make a daring save — stretching out an large American flag that managed to break the cat’s fall when it finally lost its tenuous grip.” All's Well That Ends Well 😻

It's makeup time • “Look how much I love my Mom's makeup brush” (2 GIFs)

“It feels so good. Am I cute, am I pretty?” “Purrfect sweet makeup” “Hmmm...I like it so much, Mom.” [Video @white_coffee_cat] Previously. “Me, without makeup. Anyway, I'm always cute (and funny) 😸

Kitty gives a good neck massage to 'his' girl 💕

And – of course – acupuncture (claw version) is included for free in the meowssage treatment! “This is an impressive “Cat domination” on human. But that’s one great masseuse. Look how useful this kitty can be.” “Mmmm.. SEXY massage, isn't it?” “Don't move and enjoy, I'm a Purrfesional masseuse.” “My cat is not well trained enough for that! She’ll only knead my face or my stomach, haha.” 😂 [Video @graveskullthepersian] 

*Yaaaaaaaawn* Because It’s so exhausting being *THIS* cute ❤️ ❤️

“I’m obsessed with these two little nuggets.” “OMG I can't take this amount of sweetness & cuteness” 💞 “They are so tiny and affectionate.” “Tiniest & cutest yawn ever.” “Oh my gosh, they are so minuscule! We should become kitten foster carers & keep all of them!.” “Please, gimme a bunch of these.” 😻  😻 [Video @kellyfosterkitten]

Star Wars Universe, Sphynx cat version!

And now, Yoda brothers, mentors of Obi-Wan Kenobi, are back and ready to fight! 😾 😾