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2 funny & cute blue Scottish fold cats ►Copycat (mini me)

Spooky as well as cute! 💕 “Those eyes!” 👀 👀 “Funny ears.” “Cute tail.” [Video:]

Funny kitten chewing on his own (BIG) paw 🐾

“Om Nom Nom, I’m really delicious” [Video: DRose]

“C'mon baby, that's enough, playtime is over, it's nap time.”

“Good mama cat 💕 taking care of her adventurous baby” “That’s an adorable maternal instinct.” “Mama cat protect his kitten by placing him in a save place.” [Video @birkediyicoksevdim]

“Moooom, pay attention to me and feed me, I'm so hungry!”

“This one is noisy but I like, it’s okay cause she’s cute and chunky." “Human, look, I'm taller than you.” ”This is me when bae doesn’t feed me” 😭 [Video @hana__kitty]

Cinemagraph • Good kid and her cat under the falling rain

“I protect you my kitty with my umbrella because I know you hate water...” “Thank you little hooman, you're my best friend and I like your magic colorful hat and boots.” 😻