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Ameowzing cat, so cool and tolerant with that crazy toy car!

“'Asya', you're such a funny and cute white kitty! “Fluffy Speed bump.” “This is tooo funny 😂 😂 😂 It's amazing how relaxing she is.” ”To infinity... and beyond.” “Electric blanket!”• “Hahahaha how can you stay so calm?” 😅 “I can’t believe she is staying  so still 👀 my cat would freak out and attack me!” [Video @asya_photocat]


“Humans, I need your assistance, I have made a huge mistake.” “These videos, of humans being awesome to animals, always hits me right in the feels!” “I love when animals or pets know we are trying to help them.” [Video via sirmakoto @]

Who doesn’t love 💓 those cute and funny ear wiggles?

“I think you should get a wiggly ear kitty…” “Look at those twitching ears, so funny baby cat.” “That sweet baby didn’t even blink! That’s concentration right there!” [Video @kittyfoster]

When 2 cats are stuck on a narrow ledge, there is always a way out

“Clever cats working together to solve a cat problem!” “Dude, I go over, and you go under, Okay?” “Patience and intelligence. If you have both skies is your limit.” [Video: ignoramusky]

Fractalized cat is angry

Don't mess with him, he's a (beautiful) killer!